Naturopathic Nutrition

Your body's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.

Naturopathic Nutrition can help you to reverse chronic health conditions today. Have you received a diagnosis and a prescription but no real understanding WHY you're ill? Or what you can do about it? Do you feel like you could have more energy, more vitality or more motivation?

It is easy to become overwhelmed with contradictory nutrition advice. A personal nutrition consultation is tailor made for you and your bio-individuality. When we treat the body holistically we enable our innate ability to heal. A diagnosis is not a destiny. Change your health today.

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Herbal Remedies

Initial Health Consultation

£125 for a 90 minute session

Your first consultation with me will be a chance to go through your entire case history from birth until now, top to toe. By treating the body holistically and not just looking at symptoms we can devise the best possible treatment plan for you. Your investment includes a pre-consult questionnaire and simple food diary. During the session we will work with Theta Healing to reprogram subconscious limiting beliefs that may be impacting your healing. You will also get notes from your session and any relevant handouts and recipes. After the first session you will work on a couple of simple changes. We will then reassess after a couple of weeks to make further changes.

Preparing Salad

Follow up consult

£45 per 30 minutes

It is crucial that we work together to make sure your treatment plan is manageable. I recommend a reassessment after 2-3 weeks to see how your health is changing and to add in more changes. I work with clients every 2-3 weeks for up to 6 months which means your health is radically and permanently changed. You will learn more and more about Naturopathy every session and how this relates to your condition. Payment plans can be discussed so get in touch.


Introductory Call

Up to 15 minutes - Free

Not sure if Nutritional Healing can help you? Let's have a chat so I can talk you through the basic principals. I can find out a bit about your health and we can go from there.



A Healthier You

Do you need a chef for a yoga retreat, day event or party? I specialise in gluten/grain and dairy free food from snacks to three course meals. Do you want to learn to cook the most amazing healthy food? Get in touch!


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