Retreats 2019

Changing habits in our busy daily lives can be tricky. A retreat is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate how we are living. Are we rushing around rarely making time to be fully present? Eating on the run without pausing for vital self-care? We need to make space in our lives for new and exciting changes to happen. Past retreat locations have included The Alpujarras, Spain, Portes du Soleil, France and Devon, UK. I've spent extended periods of time working at Kaliyoga Spain and more recently Sen Wellness Sanctuary in Sri Lanka. This experience has been invaluable when organising my own retreats. 

Do you need a naturopathic chef for a retreat you're running? I'm always open to teaming up with great people so get in touch! 

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Altitude Kundalini Yoga & Food Medicine Retreat 3rd-6th May, Morzine, French Alps

Fly high! Offer yourself a moment of Depth, Connect to your Inner Self. Join us for a 3 night retreat in the heart of french Alps. Elevation, Regeneration, Celebration are the master words for our Experience. A powerful practice of Kundalini Yoga, Medicinal Food classes, Personal development playground and Sacred Circle. In Unity, to live in expanded Consciousness, to embody new Intentions, to bloom in Radiance. Cultivate the « Eagle Eye », refine perceptions and feelings and welcome a Real Power. 

Program :
 *ALTITUDE*… You will practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation twice a day. You will participate in practical cooking classes that will enlighten healthy ideas and techniques to adopt in your daily life. The Sacred Space co created by the group, will allow us to explore Authentic Relating, conscious tools to communicate, with ourselves, our guides and our fellows. We will have the pleasure of celebrating Consciousness with special guests who will share a Kirtan (Mantra concert). Under the guidance of the New Moon, we will plant our Intentions, for a deeper incarnation of our Higher Self. You will experience the physical and spiritual benefits of Ceremonial Grade Cacao directly imported from Guatemala and receive tools to continue expand in Harmony. 

Participation : 
606€ early bird price until March 4th 2019
707€ starting March 5th 2019
505€ Duo Promo, come with a friend or a partner and each pay this special price. 

About Kundalini Yoga :
The practice of Kundalini Yoga is an ancestral technology that allows anyone to develop their Consciousness, getting deeply in touch with the Higher Self, Purifying the Self and Experiencing the Infinite. « The most important thing in Kundalini Yoga, is your Experience. It goes right to your Heart » Yogi Bhajan

I had the pleasure of attending Surpreet Adi's transformational 'The Ten Bodies' Retreat in Guatemala last February, as fate would have it we trained with the same mentor Karta Singh and have since become great friends. I feel so blessed to be collaborating with Surpreet Adi on this retreat. 

Surpreet Adi Kaur, certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, is alchemizing holistic approaches to grow Awareness and expand Consciousness. A nomad for more than three years, she has been initiated by her travels and encounters. Her resonance with the Land of Guatemala, connects her deeply with the Mayan Cosmovision. She discovered the medicine of Cacao and has been holding ceremonies since then. Her Yoga workshops and transformational gatherings weave meditation, transmutation and celebration. The themes are always focussed in depth on specific aspects of the Self. She is also Reiki Master and an humble channel devoted to One Harmony. Her name means : the sacred Princess/Lioness who embodies celestial motivation and rejuvenation in the world by connecting to God’s primal infinite energy.

I will be taking you through daily cooking workshops showing you how to integrate nourishing and rejuvenating food into your everyday life. We will cook together in Chalet Skyline's glorious open plan kitchen. As a qualified and experienced Naturopathic Nutritionist and Whole Food Chef I know how to make healthy food taste and look incredible and it's my pleasure to share this knowledge with you.

About our Space :
Chalet Skyline is located in the beautiful village of La Cote d’Arbroz in a quiet setting on the outskirts of Morzine, Haute Savoie. With stunning views and an elevated situation this place is perfect for our retreat. The chalet has been lovingly restored from a once Savoyard barn to provide luxurious accommodation in an authentic setting. The chalet offers an indoor wood burning stove and an outdoor hot tub with mountain views perfect for star gazing after our practice. At 1300 metres *ALTITUDE* breathe the fresh alpine air with us and let the mountains support you on your journey of elevation. 
La Cote d'Abroz is located around 1 hour 20 minutes from Geneva Airport and around 40 minutes from Thonon les Bains or Cluses Railway Station.   


Chalet Skyline


A Time for Teachers 5th - 9th June 2019 Ibiza

This spring I'm cooking on Trish Whelan and Carolyn Cowan's 'Time for Teachers' retreat in Ibiza at the Soul Adventures HQ, Cala Xuclar Beach House. A little about whats on offer 

'We invite you to join us on this exploration and we open up this space for for aquarian teachers to come together, to grow together, to relax together to support each other, to consider our roles in these times and to tune more deeply into the teachings.

 The retreat will feature group work, relaxation, connection, fermenting ideas, supporting each other and lots of time to relax and unwind.' 

Not forgetting epic local, organic, seasonal grain free nourishing food by me! 


Rebalance Retreat with Emma Colsey Nicholls
20th - 23rd June, Morzine, French Alps

"Take a quiet walk with mother nature, it will nurture your mind, body and soul."

Emma is a personal trainer, coach and mentor. I've been personally trained by her and I can safely say she is AMAZING. Her drive and motivation is a complete inspiration to me. She has also trained with the Nutritional Healing Foundation (as have I) so its a pleasure to work with someone who is on the same nutritional page. I'll be cooking up a storm over this 3 day retreat with hearty yet healthy food to nourish you through movement sessions, mountain hikes and much much more in Morzine, France.